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MM Skincare Duo Package + GIFT: Black Cotton Face Mask

$107.00 $107.00

Purchase with a gift: 1 Black Cotton Face Mask

Balance & Revive Package

1. The Balance serum is activated by the Blue light on the MMSphere and is designed to combat acne and redness, and contains Niacinamide and Canadian

Your treatment for:

  •     Acne and breakouts
  •     Rosacea
  •     Redness & Irritation
For acne, rosacea, redness, inflammation, dryness.

Use daily to help your skin find balance.

2. Revive is activated by the Green light on the MMSphere and is designed to target irritated, dry, and aging skin.

Your treatment for:

  •     Expression lines
  •     Inflammation, redness, bruising
  •     Sun damage
  •     Post-procedure lasers & peels

Designed to repair. fight wrinkles, and bring back your skin’s radiant glow. A powerful treatment that soothes, plumps and restores superskin.