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SUPERBLOOM | Made To Order | BY Lia Kes |

SUPERBLOOM | Made To Order

June 25, 2021

At KES, we believe that clothing is a vehicle for expression, connection, and emotional well-being. With these values in mind, throughout the seasons, the slip dress has become our signature garment. The minimal, versatile, and timeless silhouette is a conversation piece that unites mind and body, empowering you to manifest your most authentic self. With our latest collection, we have expanded upon our signature offering with made-to-order sizing and color selections. Available in an inclusive array of skin tones and vibrant, nature-infused hues, our new extended sizing ranges from XXS to 2XL. In honor of Pride Month, the new collection is dedicated to the fearless trans women of color who heralded the movement towards LGBTQ rights and liberation, beginning with Marsha P. Johnson and the momentous Stonewall Riots.  Designed to highlight and complement your distinctive and radiant features, the gender-fluid collection welcomes you to bring your character, spirit, and style to the made-for-you garment. 


Silk Slip Dress at KESNYC.COM

"A powerful energy radiates when sustainability and inclusivity are amalgamated into the core of a collection," Kes said. "By offering made-to-order, customizable pieces in an inclusive array of sizes and colors, we are creating a system that simultaneously allows us to create no waste and be boundless in terms of size, shape, and access."

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Silk Slip Dress at KESNYC.COM

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