This Fall ’22 collection exemplifies a duality between living in the one of the most urban environments and a longing to conserve a connection to the ocean. The documentation of the collection occurred at the Beekman, a historic landmark building part of the first wave of “high rise” buildings in New York, a space that directly teleports us to a past, old New York at the beginning of its urbanization stages. Featuring a large glass pyramid atrium, it architecturally manifests a space that makes you feel enclosed in an underwater glass tank, as the light magnificently pours inside and refracts into the clear glass surfaces, there is a sense of power, balance and strength; all qualities that I associate with the ocean. This conversation between past and present transfers over to the collection’s color palette, a quintessential KES color palette drawing from the ocean’s natural hues and subsequently rendered with an antique filter. 

These concepts were also simultaneously developed with the new store opening in mind, as we move into a an old factory in the heart of soho, with a lot of its original architecture still in place, I think about filling this space, which was originally intended for production, with a collection that questions and confronts the present climate of production methods which directly threaten the current state of our natural world. Continuing to follow the brand’s ethos, all the garments in our new collection are sustainably sourced and locally produced in New York.