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Lia Kes grew up in a kibbutz in Israel - in an extremely modest community surrounded by plowed fields, nature and high ideals. Miraculously, the entire community, from the youngest to the oldest, was dressed by the legendary 'matpera' (the communal tailor studio) - creating a unique tradition of community service with exceptional quality and devotion. Kes' biggest inspiration is social behavior, communities and what defines them. Lately, her community efforts are focused on women, just as her designs are devoted to serving and communicating through dressing up and 'dressing down'. This concept is the basis for her new line FORTUNATE & HUMBLE. Forunate and humble is the study of creating a visual zone of communication through design - as refined daily solutions that are sophisticated and timeless, bringing not only beauty, but also depth as well.

 KES NYC store photo, Fashion Designer, Boutique, UWS NY Fashion Store